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Bjørn Svin


Bjørn Svin is a live performer and producer of experimental electronic dancemusic.
He started making music in 1992, and released his first record in 1995. Since then he has produced several albums and 12”s, as well as music for films.
In the late nineties he became a "techno pop-star" with the hit “Mer Strøm #2”, and reached cult-status in most of Scandinavia.
Through his charismatic live-performances, he has become known as a very passionate man with a physical connection to his own beats and loops.
This is also seen in his strictly analogue approach to music making and perfoming, where he usually prefers old hardware boxes such as analogue sequencers, synthesizers and drummachines to computers.
Bjørns music can be described as a kind of rave-hip hop-fusion-techno-jazz with a positive energy connected through repetitive but still quite complex beats.
What sums up Bjørns work is a personal energy rather than a certain style and some would claim that his music belongs in the electronica category, rather than being plain dance techno.
Bjørn himself says:
"I do narrative dance music. Music with tension, energy and drama. Music that aims to be not music; I am tired of music being only music. It is too straight for me..
I want music to trigger my imagination."

Photos by Heide Kraenzlein.

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Bjørn Svin


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